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Who are we?

We are a community of faith with Baptist roots and a non-denominational fertilization. Anointed speakers and singers from all segments of the body of Christ will be brought in to minister to First Metropolitan.


Our Facility:

We built as a first phase building a Family Life Center rather than a Sanctuary to focus on families and service in the community. Our next phase of construction will be a sanctuary.


The Assimilation Process:

We believe that every member should discover where he/she fits in the local body of Christ. Everyone is encouraged to attend the 6-week study of Network on Sunday mornings to discover spiritual gifts, personality profile and passion. This study helps one find a place in ministry and aids their understanding of how to appreciate and work with other people. After the six weeks there is a consultation and an assignment to one or more ministries.


Friendly Atmosphere:

From the moment a person enters the campus, we attempt to welcome them and make them comfortable. Our Parking Attendants help facilitate easy assess onto the grounds each Sunday Morning. Once inside Greeters give a hospitable reception to guest and members. Our Worship Attendants facilitate comfortable seating in the Worship Center.



Our worship is designed for attendees to be in the presence of God and freely express their love and adoration to the Heavenly Father. We encourage praise and worshipping the Father in spirit and truth through the lifting of hands, clapping, dancing, singing, shouting, praying and anointed preaching. We do not prohibit or promote tongues during worship. We believe in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and order. The arts and technology are widely used. Preaching is oriented toward teaching and alter call is given after each message so that people can respond to God's Word.



We believe that the Heavenly Father chooses both men and women to proclaim the Gospel. The Holy Spirit functions through women as well as men. Even though we believe that men are the heads of their households; it does not negate or diminish a woman's spiritual gifting.