Our Ministries







We strive to introduce people to Christ and to the family of God by giving them a sense of acceptance, ownership and responsibility. After uniting with First Met, new members will be shown genuine love and compassion, while welcoming them into the family of God. 



The Baptism ministry prepares candidates for the baptism ceremony.  This includes guiding them through the scriptural significance of the rite as well as preparing them physically with appropriate attire for the actual baptism.  Additionally the ministry coordinates and schedules the event.


Commitment Counseling

Commitment counselors visit one-on-one with individuals who have made the decision to join FMC. They provide scriptural based doctrine supporting the commitment being made by the believer, address questions and any special needs or concerns of the new member


Dancers provide animated expression through dance or creative movement to enhance the message in a musical or an orated piece thereby elevating the worship atmosphere.



The Drama Ministry teaches as it entertains, allowing the audience us to laugh cry and give quiet personal thought to the meaning of images, sounds, concepts and doctrine being presented.


First Met Philharmonic Orchestra

The First Met Philharmonic Orchestra provides a means for musicians of all ages and playing abilities to use their God given gifts and talents within a symphonic setting at First Metropolitan Church.



The Greeters are the official hosts to our church, making sure our visitors feel the warmth of Christian love.



The Multimedia provides audio and visual enhancements to the worship setting.  To include song lyrics, sermon notes, scripture references, and film clips projected on the monitors and widescreen throughout the building.



The Music Ministry uses skillful singing and musical composition to usher in an atmosphere of worship that prepares the spirit of individuals to commune with the triune God, and the hearts of individuals to receive the seed (Word of God) planted by the preacher.


New Members

This ministry provides those who express a desire to unite with FMC a chance to become acquainted with the history and overall ministry of the church. It also aims to provide fundamental biblical truths and inspire new members into ministry participation.


Parking Attendants

This ministry directs traffic in the parking lot during Sunday services, ensures the proper use of handicapped parking, allocates space near the sanctuary for visitors and promotes safety in the parking lot.


Worship Attendants (Ushers)

Worship Attendants assist in the orderly flow of the worship, attending to both the needs of the worshipers as well as the need to maintain a spiritual reverence for the worship service.