We strive to give every member the opportunity to discover the spiritual gifts, passion, and serve in one or more ministries.  We believe that being a follower of Christ requires serving others.  This includes members and nonmembers.  Serving is taking the love and message of Jesus Christ to individuals, groups and the whole world.  Some ministries focus on special services.  


Armor Bearers


The Armor Bearer Ministry is patterned after the Old Testament concept of loyalty and faithfulness practiced toward God's leaders. These dedicated and devoted individuals known as armor bearers, stood beside a leader to assist and protect him. As First Met grows, our Senior Pastor experiences increasing demands on his time. These ministry workers aid the Senior Pastor in a way that relieves him of worry and distractions from non-productive or non-essential activities.



Culinary Services

The Culinary Services Ministry supervises and operates kitchen services at FMC.


This Ministry seeks to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through creative and exciting outreaches with a spirit of compassion and excellence. This will be done by incorporating special worship services, musicals, plays, in-home visitations, street witnessing, apartment ministry and others.

Health Care

 The FMC Healthcare Ministry seeks to minister to the congregation and community by promoting health and wellness through programs of advocacy, education and support. Assist individuals in acquiring resources and knowledge regarding preventative health practices and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.


The Mission Ministry seeks to share the love of God and His word through tangible demonstration toward those in need. It continually looks for creative ways to perform this ministry.


Network is a comprehensive approach to helping members find their places in ministry that includes a 3-step process of discovery, consultation and service of their spiritual gifts. The goal is to help believers to be fulfilled and fruitful in their ministry involvement by making sure that the right people are in the right places for the right reasons.



The Security Ministry ensures a safe and organized worship experience at First Metropolitan Church during Sunday services and during special programs that require assistance to maintain a safe and efficient environment.  



The Transportation Ministry provides van transportation to members and nonmembers that live in close proximity to our church. Transportation is also for ministry groups to travel to special events.



The visitor ministry prepares and distributes materials to visitors informing them of the different ministries and programs offered at FMC. Follow up with the visitors via phone call to thank them for attending the worship service and answer any questions they have concerning the church and ministries.